Xtreme Paint Studio

Services & Booking Process

Here at Xtreme Paint Studio we offer clients a complete array of paint designs from one colour tofully themed airbrushed illustration artwork. We work very closely with our clients to make sure we meet the desired brief and keep in constant contact throughout the painting process and even share photos of the progress if the customer wants to see the job develop in stages.

We are very proud to say that our airbrushed paint designs have won many “best in paint” awards and “best in show” awards over the last 5 years and have featured in some of the UK’s leading bike magazines, so If you’re looking for a custom style paint job with candies and a little sparkle or a fully themed airbrushed design our team of artists can cover all your needs.

Please feel free to view our rolling art we hope this will help with providing some inspiration for your project.
Our prices range from £1,500 to £8,000 depending on the complexity of the design and the make and model of the bike/Trike

Services We Offer

  • Fully themed airbrushed show bike designs to meet client’s brief
  • One colour change with logos
  • Full custom paint with flake and candy colours
  • Repairs on tanks or panels
  • Bike restoration matches the original paint including repairs and rust treatment.
  • Matching Helmet to bike or trike design.
  • Polishing of parts and powder coating if needed.
  • Collection and re-delivery of the Bike/Trike

Booking Process


Contact us via any medium to discuss your design ideas, Contact form on website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, Phone.

Once we have your design ideas, we can start to define the brief that we will use to create the artwork. It is at this stage we will have a good understanding of what is required, so we book the project in the diary and start to fine tune the artwork.


In some cases, we will offer a design mock up to help get closer to the brief with client.

Once we take the booking there’s a non-refundable deposit taken for the booking approx. 25/50% of the job amount with the balance to be paid on competition.


If the Bike/Trike need collecting, we will arrange this just prior to the booking date.

Before we go to lacquer on any paint job, we will share photos from all angles, or alternatively we are happy for customers to visit us to see the artwork before we lacquer.


Once the client has given approval of the artwork, we will then lacquer to a high gloss showroom finish and rebuild the bike ready for collection/delivery.

Changes can be made before lacquer, but not after this point.